Why Aquinas College?

1. We take a personal interest in each student.

Small in size, and yet big in vision, the students at Aquinas are known as individuals and offered opportunities that are beyond the mass production of larger schools. The student teacher ratio and the family atmosphere supports the entire student body and significantly enhances their educational experience.

2. We are concerned with the whole person.

To say that Aquinas College is a Catholic school is to understand faith as light and not as restriction. This light is shed on all areas of the curriculum but not in a way that is unnatural, superimposed or intolerant of other beliefs. Faith and reason are not in opposition but in actuality they are considered complementary aspects of reality.

3. Aquinas College is committed to truth, beauty and goodness.

The foundation of an education is more than just a preparation for a career, but truly a preparation for life. Appreciation for that which is truly beautiful takes cultivation and not just exposure. Recognizing truth requires that one actually learn how to learn. Much has been said about life in the information age, but what truly makes us human is our ability to consider information according to rational principles. Appreciation for that which is truth and beautiful prepares us for attraction to that which is truly good. When goodness is fully embraced, we find true happiness.

4. Aquinas College is focused.

Aquinas College is owned and operated by the Dominican Sisters of St. Cecilia Congregation. Their spirit of joyfulness, unity, and dedication to education permeates campus life and the curriculum. There is a unique sense of camaraderie and vision that unifies the faculty and staff, where at most colleges professors are focused within departments or in some cases moving in multiple directions.

The faculty at Aquinas believe in the mission of the college and share a deep commitment to her students. They clearly love to teach, as well as to learn. Each year the faculty and staff undertakes a group study where they share insights and attend workshops on the subject. What results is an understanding, not just of their individual subject area but of the big picture we are seeking to deliver to each student.

The theology faculty at Aquinas is united in its vision of the Church and her teachings. In accordance with the document Ex Corde Ecclesiae every teacher of theology has the Mandatum (official authorization) from the local bishop.

Please note: Beginning in the fall of 2017, Aquinas will no longer offer degrees in arts and sciences, business and nursing, nor provide residential housing and student life activities. Aquinas will focus its academic programming on the School of Education and on course offerings in philosophy and theology. Read more here.


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"I was attracted to Aquinas because it taught the Catholic Faith and had a good nursing program."

- Mary F.
Aquinas Student

What I appreciate most about student life at Aquinas is the close-knit community in the dorms. It is supportive, academically focused and faith-rooted – and that doesn’t happen just anywhere.

- Gregory S.
Education student

I would tell prospective students to make sure they visit for a day, just so they can see the atmosphere and experience what a day would be like if they attended Aquinas.

- Therese Y.
Aquinas Student

The faculty is so nice and enthusiastic! They are always willing to help.

- Abbey

Aquinas has made me more aware of callings—a part of the whole person is that everyone has a calling, that everyone is unique and irreplaceable.

- Ana T.
Philosophy Major

Aquinas makes you attentive to the different ways that God leads us to a vocation.

- Ana T.
Philosophy Major

"Going into the medical field, I especially wanted a school that valued the dignity of human life."

- Maria

I love all my professors. They care about their students and challenge them. Their faith is number one in their lives and that’s what matters the most to me.

- Lauren
Arts and Sciences student

Aquinas teaches me to think beyond myself and think about the common good and how to serve others.

- Ana T.
Philosophy Major

"It has been a place where I have been able to get involved, meet fun people, and be challenged academically."

- Mary W.
Aquinas Student