Disability Services/ADA Compliance

Aquinas College strives to provide an optimal opportunity for students with disabilities to  achieve success, while not compromising the caliber of instruction or the self-confidence of the learner. The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 prohibits discrimination against individuals with disabilities. Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 as amended mandates that post-secondary institutions that receive federal monies provide “reasonable accommodations” for students with disabilities.

Enrolled students of Aquinas College who have a disability that requires accommodation must request such services from the Director of Student Learning Services. It is the responsibility of the student to be certain that all necessary documentation is provided to the Director of Student Learning Services early enough to provide sufficient planning time to coordinate and provide appropriate support services.

Documentation must:

  • Clearly state each diagnosed disability
  • Clearly describe the current functional limitations resulting from each disability
  • Describe the diagnostic methodology/test instruments used
  • Describe past accommodations, medications, or services
  • Include recommendations for accommodations, medications, or services
  • Be prepared on official letterhead and signed by a licensed professional/evaluator who is qualified to make such a diagnosis
  • Identify the professional credentials/license of the evaluator

The qualified student will work with the Director of Student Learning Services to complete the Academic Accommodations Request Form for each course, listing the requested accommodations. The form will be considered complete when signed by the Director of Student Learning Services, student, and faculty member. A copy of this form will be given to the student and the instructor of each course for which a form was submitted. Aquinas reserves the right to request another evaluation, if it is deemed necessary by the Director of Student Learning Services. Such evaluations are the financial responsibility of the student.

The student will work with the Director of SLS and individual course faculty to obtain the needed accommodations, following up with the Director of Student Learning Services if the accommodations are ineffective or if additional assistance is needed. The Director of SLS will meet with the student to assess the current need(s) and access to accommodations. The Director acts as the liaison between the student and the accommodation provider at the College. It is the responsibility of the SLS Director to facilitate the acquisition of such reasonable accommodations as may be required.

These accommodations may include such services as classroom accommodation on tests and examinations; taping of class lectures; assistance with class scheduling and selection (though not to replace the responsibilities of the faculty advisor); and referrals to Student Learning Services for tutoring services. The accommodation is made on a per term basis. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the student to request support services each term for which the student is enrolled.

Any student with special needs should contact the Director of Student Learning Services at (615) 297-7545, ext. 441, for assistance. The Office of Student Learning Services will work closely with students with mental and physical limitations to provide reasonable accommodations. Aquinas College is committed to providing the best possible learning environment for all of our students.