General Guidelines

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the mission of Student Learning Services?

Student Learning Services (SLS) provides free tutorial services to enhance the academic performance of all Aquinas College students and help students become independent learners. This assistance, however, should not replace the individual student/instructor relationship.

  1. How do I request tutorial services?

Students will sign a “Tutorial Agreement Form” upon requesting individual or group services. This form requires students to identify the class for which they are requesting tutoring as well as the name of their instructor and advisor. By signing the form, tutees grant permission to SLS to discuss their progress with Aquinas College instructors.

  1. What services are available?
  1. Who will be tutoring me?

Tutoring services are provided by the Director of SLS, professional tutors, and academically successful peer tutors.

  1. How will the tutoring session be conducted?

During the initial tutoring session, the tutor will assess a student’s academic and study skills needs and develop a plan for services. Individual, small and large group sessions will be scheduled on a weekly basis. All students receiving services are required to come to each session prepared with specific questions for their tutor. Failure to come prepared may result in the canceling of a given session. All tutored students are encouraged to develop effective study skills strategies during the semester.

  1. What happens after each session?

After each tutoring session a Tutor’s Report will be completed by the tutor detailing the material covered during the session. Reports  may be emailed to the instructor and the student’s advisor, upon request.

  1. What does the Tutor’s Report include?
  1. Who can use SLS tutoring services?

Our services are open to all Aquinas students. However, a student whose course grades are excellent or very good may be restricted to group tutoring sessions so that individual sessions are available for struggling students.

  1. Where can I find out more information?

If you have any questions, please call or stop by our offices located in the library (Aquinas Center) in the back of campus.

Student Learning Services