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Please note: Beginning in the fall of 2017, Aquinas will no longer offer degrees in arts and sciences, business and nursing, nor provide residential housing and student life activities. Aquinas will focus its academic programming on the School of Education and on course offerings in philosophy and theology. Read more here.

Mathematics is an intellectually challenging and dynamic field of study. Combined with a broad-based education, the study of mathematics offers students the opportunity to excel in a variety of fields including education, business, and science. The study of mathematics allows students to develop the ability to think precisely, communicate effectively, and apply themselves intellectually to the challenges of today’s society.

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Mark Causapin

Assistant Professor of Mathematics
Ph.D., Columbia University, New York
M.Phil., Columbia University, New York
M.A., Columbia University, New York
B.S., University of the Philippines, Diliman

Mark Causapin was an Assistant Professor of Mathematics at Zayed University in Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) from 2012 to 2016, serving as the chair of the department from 2013 to 2016. Before pursuing his Ph.D., he taught mathematics at Cathedral Preparatory High School Seminary in Queens, New York. He has also taught students in Hong Kong through the Johns Hopkins’ Center for Talented Youth Summer Program. This is where mark met his wife Kathleen who will be teaching mathematics at St. Cecilia Academy.

Before pursuing a career in academia, he worked as an industrial engineer.

His research is on three areas: mathematical creativity and problem solving, statistics education, and mathematics instruction for students learning in a second language. He has presented work in Ireland, the United Kingdom, Cyprus, and the UAE, and published in the Journal of Science and Mathematics Education in Southeast Asia.

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The faculty is so nice and enthusiastic! They are always willing to help.

- Abbey

Aquinas has made me more aware of callings—a part of the whole person is that everyone has a calling, that everyone is unique and irreplaceable.

- Ana T.
Philosophy Major

I love all my professors. They care about their students and challenge them. Their faith is number one in their lives and that’s what matters the most to me.

- Lauren
Arts and Sciences student

I needed something that was more one-on-one than just a lecture setting where there were an overwhelming number of students within a classroom.

- Danika A.
Arts and Sciences student

Because they're not just giving you everything...know this, know this, know this, this list of things, and you're good for life? No! Know this foundational principle, know why, and then when you come across things in life, you can apply anything to this and you will know what to do.

- Wil B.
Arts and Sciences student

Aquinas teaches me to think beyond myself and think about the common good and how to serve others.

- Ana T.
Philosophy Major

A few years ago if you would've told me the stuff that I'm reading and the stuff that I'm writing I wouldn't have believed you.

- Danika A.
Arts and Sciences student