Value of a Liberal Arts Degree

  1. What advantages do studies in the liberal arts offer?

The Bachelor of Arts degree format develops essential skills required of many professions today, such as effective communication, analytical ability, ethical standards, and critical thinking abilities. These skills provide graduates the adaptability and flexibility to handle the one known constant in life – change. As future leaders and problem solvers, Bachelor of Arts graduates will develop the tools necessary to view all aspects (spiritual, social, ethical) of any situation, enabling them to make sound decisions, not only in their professional lives, but in their personal lives as well.

  1. What will I be able to do once I graduate with a liberal arts degree?

Should a student be so inclined, the Bachelor of Arts degree will also serve as an excellent foundation for additional educational endeavors, especially at the graduate level. Examples of immediate applications would be graduate work in many of the liberal arts disciplines (such as History, Theology, Philosophy or Literature) or in professional degrees, such as law.

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If you want to learn how to think, not only what to think, then Arts & Sciences at Aquinas College is the place to be. It provides a unique environment where you will be able to grow intellectually and spiritually, preparing you for anything the future could bring.

- Arts & Sciences Student

The professors are superb. We have small class sizes and a close community and family feel. It fosters human flourishing. We love it!

- Arts & Sciences Student

As a liberal arts student, I feel continually encouraged to ask questions so that I may contribute to the betterment of myself and society. The faculty at Aquinas come from various backgrounds and specialties, each adding to the overall education process that makes a student a lover of wisdom.

- Andy L.
Arts & Sciences student

Studying the liberal arts at Aquinas College will only give you freedom—freedom from the restraint of ignorance, from the tyranny of complacence.

- Christa N.
Arts & Sciences student

The Aquinas College program enables you to engage in course material in an in depth way because of the small class sizes and the teachers’ attention to detail.

- Arts & Sciences Student

"It’s important to me to have good role models and to have teachers who believe that I can succeed and challenge me in my studies as well as my faith."

- Lauren

I study Arts & Sciences at Aquinas College because the professors genuinely care about the formation of the whole person and want the mind to be formed in a truly classical education.

- Pamela S.
Arts & Sciences student

"The faculty is so nice and enthusiastic! They are always willing to help."

- Abbey

"The academics here at Aquinas College will require lots of hard work and time, but there is so much academic support, and lots of people who love to just get together and study."

- Mary W.
Aquinas Student

"I love all my professors. They care about their students and challenge them. Their faith is number one in their lives and that’s what matters the most to me."

- Lauren