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The School of Business at Aquinas College provides students with real-world insight grounded in ethical principles and sound business practices with a distinctly Catholic, Christian perspective. An Aquinas business education begins with a strong liberal arts foundation, which includes an emphasis on theology, philosophy, and ethics along with other disciplines to help form the character of our students. After the foundation has been laid and a context established, students receive well-rounded preparation in quantitative, communication, and interpersonal skills to prepare them for a broad range of careers in the business world. The program’s course of study is modeled on the nation’s top undergraduate business programs to ensure that our graduates possess the same vocabulary, tools, and techniques as the graduates of major institutions. But where the Aquinas business program, as a Dominican and Catholic business school, truly differentiates itself is in the “caritas,” or charity, with which it embraces each individual. Students are provided the attention, the encouragement, the skills and the confidence they need to realize their true potential.

The Catholic Church has long maintained the legitimate role of profit in a business enterprise, but has also asserted that it cannot be the only measurement of business success. Therefore, while our students receive the same breadth and depth of curriculum as those at much larger institutions, the goal of Aquinas College’s business program is to train competent business professionals who are conscious of their broader social responsibilities and recognize business as a vocation.

EWTN’s Life on the Rock features an Aquinas College Business student
Maria Price, a sophomore in the School of Business, has, in addition to her emerging business acumen, a great talent as a singer/songwriter. Together with two other talented musicians, she performed on Life on the Rock, a program on the Catholic television network EWTN, and left a lasting, positive impression of the quality of Aquinas College students. Watch the segment with Maria below:

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