Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Write REASON Plan at Aquinas?

The Write Reason Plan is the Aquinas College QEP.

What is a QEP?

The Write Reason Plan is part of Aquinas College’s relationship with our regional accrediting body, the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACS-COC). SACS asks all accredited schools to propose and implement a five year Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) which will enhance “the quality of higher education” and focus “attention on student learning.”

What is the Write REASON Plan?

At Aquinas we believe that writing reasonably, clearly, and persuasively is a hallmark of the educated person and a primary vehicle by which the mind ascends to truth. The Write Reason Plan at Aquinas seeks to strengthen writing and logical thinking habits in each student through emphasizing the classical Trivium of grammar, logic, and rhetoric.

The Write Reason Plan aims not only at improving writing and critical thinking skills, it considers the whole person as an individual made in God’s image, a member of society, a citizen, and a future professional. To think according to the standards of logic and objective truth and to express ourselves clearly is the end of all education and the vocation of every human person.

Whom do I contact with questions about the Write Reason Plan?

Dr. Aaron Urbanczyk, Write Reason Plan Director and Dean of the School of Arts and Sciences:

What Impact is the Write REASON Plan having at Aquinas?