Marketing and Communications

Do you have a story worth telling?

Whatever your office or academic department, you have a story worth telling. When you have an event, some important news, or a new opportunity to promote to anyone off campus, the Office of Marketing and Communications is here to help. We help you give your story proper context, medium, and audience to serve Aquinas College, both in terms of fundraising and enrollment.

Any story worth telling deserves a proper framework and lead time, so we ask that you give us as much information about your project scope, audience, and deadline as possible. Please use the form on the bottom of this page to begin the process.

Even if you are working on some materials yourself, we ask that you follow the official Aquinas College Branding and Style Guidelines.

Who are you guys, anyway?

Paul Downey, Director of Marketing & Communications

Apart from over three years experience at Aquinas in digital and traditional marketing, Paul also has degrees in English and Graphic Design.

Michael Ann Zinser, Graphic Designer

If your project has a print component, it will be designed by Michael Ann Zinser, the talented graphic designer for the Dominican Campus. Michael Ann graduated from the Memphis College of Art with a degree in graphic design, has many years experience in design, and is also an accomplished fine artist.

Project Request Form

The Office of Marketing and Electronic Communications endeavors to provide the best possible service in spreading the word about our great programs here at Aquinas College. If your department has a need for any marketing materials (either print or electronic), please fill out the form below. If you have any questions, please call Paul Downey, Director of Marketing & Communications, at (615) 297-7545 x405.
  • Basic Information

  • Enter the date that you require this project to be completed.
  • Please enter what office you work for at Aquinas College.
  • Please give your project a descriptive name.
  • Please enter the name of the primary contact person for this project. This would normally be the person who gives approval for this project in your department.
  • Email address of the primary contact person.
  • Project Details

  • If your department has a budget for this particular type of project, please estimate the amount you see going towards this project.
  • Please indicate the possible formats for the project.
  • Please describe other parameters of the project not defined by the previous fields.
  • Please upload any pertinent documents or images.
  • Please read before submitting

    After hitting the submit button, ensure that you have filled out all required fields. You will need to scroll back down to the form to see if you left any required fields blank. You should receive a confirmation email shortly afterward. If not, contact Paul Downey, Director of Marketing & Communications.

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