Marketing and Communications

Do you have a story worth telling?

Whatever your office or academic department, you have a story worth telling. When you have an event, some important news, or a new opportunity to promote to anyone off campus, the Office of Marketing and Communications is here to help. We help you give your story proper context, medium, and audience to serve Aquinas College, both in terms of fundraising and enrollment.

Any story worth telling deserves a proper framework and lead time, so we ask that you give us as much information about your project scope, audience, and deadline as possible. Please fill out the form on the Project Request page to begin the process.

Even if you are working on some materials yourself, we ask that you follow the official Aquinas College Branding and Style Guidelines.

Identity Files

For use on the web or in presentations, right click and choose “save as” or “save picture as…”

For white or light-colored backgrounds


For dark backgrounds


School Logos

Aquinas-logo-arts-sciences Aquinas-logo-business Aquinas-logo-education Aquinas-logo-nursing

Digital Letterhead

If you do not have printed letterhead for your department, you may use a digital version. Download the Word files below.

Project Request Form

Who are you guys, anyway?

Paul Downey, Director of Marketing & Communications

Apart from over three years experience at Aquinas in digital and traditional marketing, Paul also has degrees in English and Graphic Design.

Michael Ann Zinser, Graphic Designer

If your project has a print component, it will be designed by Michael Ann Zinser, the talented graphic designer for the Dominican Campus. Michael Ann graduated from the Memphis College of Art with a degree in graphic design, has many years experience in design, and is also an accomplished fine artist.