Staff Directory

Sandra Adams Administrative Assistant School of Nursing (615) 297-7545 x446
Andrew Atwood Campus Security Chief Campus Security (615) 297-7545 x451
Sarah Babish Counselor Office of Admissions (615) 297-7545 x482
Sister Mary Rose Bingham, O.P. Director of Catechesis of the Good Shepherd Office of Catechetics (615) 297-7545 x625
Alan Bradley Services and Security Manager Office of Administration (615) 297-7545 x437
Lonnie Brogdon Evening Coordinator Weekend ManagerLibrary (615) 297-7545 x435
Kari Byard Assistant to the Vice President for Academics Office of Academics (615) 297-7545 x449
Elizabeth Carew Receptionist Office of Admissions (615) 297-7545 x460
Tom Costa Director of Development Office of Advancement (615) 297-7545 x543
Liza Downey Administrative Assistant School of Arts & Sciences and School of Business (615) 297-7545 x609
Paul Downey Director of Marketing & Communications Marketing & Communications (615) 297-7545 x405
Jesse W. Fortney Vice President for Enrollment Management Office of Enrollment Management (615) 297-7545 x442
Connie Hansom Director of the Office of Admissions Office of Admissions (615) 297-7545 x411
Ronald Hazen Director of Management Information Systems (615) 297-7545 x464
Sister Mary Sharon Heaton, O.P. Assistant Registrar Office of the Registrar (615) 297-7545 x414
Rachel Leach Hudson Director of Community & Alumni Relations Office of Community & Alumni Relations (615) 297-7545 x492
Bryan Joyce Tutor, Write REASON Center Data Analyst, Office of Institutional Research (615) 297-7545 x605
Brenda Kincaid Executive Assistant to the President President's Office (615) 297-7545 x423
Kara Knutti Administrative Coordinator Office of Admissions (615) 297-7545 x606
Michael Krejci Tutor Student Learning Services (615) 297-7545 x715
Jennifer Laster Assistant to the Vice Presidents of Administration and Student Life Office of Administration and Office of Student Life (615) 297-7545 x488
Anthony Lena Counselor Office of Admissions (615) 297-7545 x428
Sister Joan Marie Ligon, O.P. Director of Prospect Research Office of Advancement (615) 383-3230 x649
Mario Martinez Associate Campus Minister/Community Engagement Coordinator Student Life / Advancement (615) 297-7545 x407
Father Kevin McGoldrick Chaplain Chaplaincy (615) 297-7545 x220
Elizabeth C. McGovern Counselor Student Life
Stephen McGrory Vice President for Administration Administration (615) 297-7545 x627
Jean Marie Moles Tutor Write REASON Center (615) 297-7545 x648
Linda Moore Administrative Assistant School of Education (615) 297-7545 x422
Eeva-Liisa Moran Librarian Library (615) 297-7545 x435
Joseph A. Pearce Director of the Center for Faith and Culture; Writer-in-Residence Adjunct, EnglishSchool of Arts & Sciences (615) 297-7545 x408
Cynthia Piana Senior Associate Director Office of Financial Aid (615) 297-7545 x650
Michele Priddy Registrar Office of the Registrar (615) 297-7545 x432
Marisa Quinn Director of Residential Life Office of Student Life (615) 297-7545 x631
Mary Anne Saxton Administrative Assistant School of Nursing (615) 297-7545 x397
Andrew A. Shafer Vice President for Advancement Office of Advancement (615) 297-7545 x526
Allison Sheehan Student Accounts Office of the Controller (615) 297-7545 x540
Lindsey Silverthorn Database Manager and Market Research Analyst Advancement (615) 297-7545 x622
Katie Smith Coordinator for Online Catechetical Formation Program Office of Catechetics (615) 297-7545 x469
Suzette Telli Director of Student Learning Services Office of Student Learning Services (615) 297-7545 x436
Ian Turnbell Counselor Office of Admissions (615) 297-7545 x433
Monica Warren Accounting Manager Office of the Controller (615) 297-7545 x541
Debra Welsh Controller Office of Administration (615) 297-7545 x531
Barbara White Counselor Office of Financial Aid (615) 297-7545 x406
William Wimmer Staff Accountant Office of the Controller (615) 297-7545 x528