Award Packages

All initial award packages are based on full-time enrollment (12 or more credit hours per semester) and amounts may decrease due to less than full-time enrollment.

It is your responsibility to notify the Office of Financial Aid immediately upon receipt of outside scholarships, grants, or loans.

It is also your responsibility to meet satisfactory academic progress requirements (as outlined in the Aquinas College catalog) in order to maintain eligibility for financial assistance.

Withdrawing from courses or the college at any point in a semester may have repercussions toward financial aid eligibility, and it is your responsibility to meet with a financial aid administrator prior to withdrawal.

Award packages represent aid available to students from federal, state and institutional sources. Direct costs per semester are charged directly to your student account in the form of tuition and fees. The amount charged is based on the number of credit hours taken. Direct cost information can be found by selecting Tuition and Fees. Students may also incur other costs as a result of attending college. Please note these costs are not directly charged to your student account. Below is an annual estimate of indirect costs.

Dependent Students
Books $1,000
Meal Plan $1,200
Transportation $2,358
Personal $4,304
Independent Students
Books $1,000
Off-Campus Housing $8,800
Transportation $3,520
Personal $6,688
On-Campus Students
Books $1,000
Room $5,230
Transportation $2,358
Personal $4,480
Meals $3,600