Entrance/ Exit Counseling

Entrance Counseling

You must complete entrance counseling before the first disbursement of your loan can be applied to your account. You can view your entrance counseling status, whether it is “needed” or “complete,” on your Student Portal. Entrance counseling helps you to understand your responsibilities as a loan recipient and can be completed online at www.studentloans.gov.

(Select “Manage my Direct Loan” / “Sign in” / “Entrance Counseling”)

Exit Counseling

You must complete exit counseling when you discontinue receiving loans. Graduation from Aquinas, temporary or permanent withdrawal from the institution, and enrollment in less than six credit hours (for undergraduate students) all necessitate exit counseling. You can view your exit counseling status, whether it is “requested” or “complete,” on your Student Portal. Exit counseling helps you understand the details of your loan repayment, including, but not limited to, how much you owe and when you must make a payment. Also, you may have the option to consolidate several loans into one loan for repayment purposes.

Exit Counseling Instructions

  1. Go online to www.studentloans.gov.
  2. Sign in by using your FSA ID.
  3. Click on Complete Counseling then choose the option for Exit Counseling.
  4. Select the state of Tennessee and choose Aquinas College as your school (make sure to click notify).
  5. Continue through the five interview steps and answer all questions.
  6. Once you have completed your Exit Interview a confirmation page will appear.
  7. Your Exit Interview will be electronically submitted to Aquinas.

If you have any problems with this online counseling, please contact our office at financialaid@aquinascollege.edu or (615) 297-7545. Completing exit counseling does not affect your loan grace period. The grace period will begin once you are no longer enrolled for at least six hours. Thank you for attending Aquinas College and best of luck in the future!