Tuition & Fees

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2016-2017 Tuition & Fees

Undergraduate Tuition (1–11 hours) $730 per credit hour
Undergraduate Tuition (12–18 hours) $10,675 per semester

$21,350 per year

Undergraduate Tuition (over 18 hours) $10,675 per semester

$21,350 per year

+ $730 per credit hour

Graduate Tuition $740 per credit hour
Room & Board (for residential students)
Cost for room $2,850 per semester

$5,700 per year

Meal Plan $1,575 per semester

$3,150 per year

Application Fee Free
General Fee (per semester, refundable) $300
Enrollment Deposit Fee (one-time fee to new students, non-refundable) $250
Housing Deposit Fee (per year, non-refundable) $200
CashNet Payment Plan Fee (if selected, per semester) $55
Undergraduate Audit Fee (per course, computer courses may not be audited) $275
Graduate Audit Fee (per course) $500
Graduation fee (non-refundable) $125
Science Laboratory Fee $55
CPU 115 $50
School of Education
Enhanced Student Teaching Fee (per credit hour) $50
Student Liability Insurance (per semester) $50
School of Nursing
ASN: Clinical Course Fee (per credit hour) $90
ASN: Student Liability Insurance (per semester) $20
ASN: Testing/Screening Fee (per semester) $140
ASN: Simulation Lab Fee (per semester) $150
BSN: Clinical Course Fee (per credit hour) $90
BSN: Student Liability Insurance (per semester) $20
BSN: Testing/Screening Fee (per semester) $75
BSN: Simulation Lab Fee (per semester starting with NUR 245) $150
RN–BSN: NUR 375 Simulation Lab Fee $75
RN–BSN: NUR 442 Student Liability insurance $20
MSN: NUR 603P/605P/615 Student Liability Insurance (per course) $20
MSN: NUR 612 Simulation Lab Fee $75
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I love all my professors. They care about their students and challenge them. Their faith is number one in their lives and that’s what matters the most to me.

- Lauren
Arts and Sciences student

I felt that teachers at Aquinas genuinely cared about by success and that was such a relief coming from such a big school.

- Veronica V.
'15, Management

That first week of getting to know each other and having the camp Marymount experience, you felt instantly in place.

- Ana T.
Philosophy Major

"I wanted a strong Catholic college with a great Business program. I found them both at Aquinas."

- Scott A.
Management, '14

An Aquinas education is not just all about the individual – it is about the community.

- Augusta K.
Nursing Student, Chicago, IL

The people are great. It's like more of a family than just a college.

- Troy B.
Education student

Here everybody knows each other. Even the teachers, they know you by name and they truly care. In high school with so many students it was so hard to know everyone. Here the teachers interact on a personal level.

- Cinthia J.
Nursing student

Aquinas teaches me to think beyond myself and think about the common good and how to serve others.

- Ana T.
Philosophy Major

The faculty is so nice and enthusiastic! They are always willing to help.

- Abbey

What I appreciate most about student life at Aquinas is the close-knit community in the dorms. It is supportive, academically focused and faith-rooted – and that doesn’t happen just anywhere.

- Gregory S.
Education student

I study Arts & Sciences at Aquinas College because the professors genuinely care about the formation of the whole person and want the mind to be formed in a truly classical education.

- Arts and Sciences student

I have a strong sense of belonging here at Aquinas because I have been accepted, respected, and supported by the Aquinas community. I know that I am not just a number, but a human person wanted and recognized by the school.

- Mary-Frances N.
Nursing student

The professors are superb. We have small class sizes and a close community and family feel. It fosters human flourishing. We love it!

- Arts & Sciences Student

When I got here, everyone already had friends established, but whenever I came in, they were so nice and included me. They welcomed me as if I was part of their family.

- Cinthia J.
Nursing student

Aquinas makes you attentive to the different ways that God leads us to a vocation.

- Ana T.
Philosophy Major

"It has been a place where I have been able to get involved, meet fun people, and be challenged academically."

- Mary W.
Aquinas Student

The residential community creates an environment of peace, love, caring, and tight bonds.

- Gregory S.
Education Student

The Aquinas College program enables you to engage in course material in an in depth way because of the small class sizes and the teachers’ attention to detail.

- Arts & Sciences Student

If you want to learn how to think—not only what to think—then Arts & Sciences at Aquinas College is the place to be. It provides a unique environment where you will be able to grow intellectually and spiritually, preparing you for anything the future could bring.

- Arts & Sciences Student

I just like the rich Catholic environment here. You pray before class and before meals. There's a sense of community.

- Troy B.
Education student

"Going into the medical field, I especially wanted a school that valued the dignity of human life."

- Maria

The academic culture at Aquinas is both rigorous and incredibly supportive. Knowing that your professors believe in your ability to achieve is a powerful motivator to succeed confidently.

- Augusta K.
Nursing Student, Chicago, IL

What surprised me the most about Aquinas was the Catholic tradition and how everybody practices it at that level. I'd never seen anything like it, even as a cradle Catholic. It was a whole new thing compared how I'd always practiced.

- Jonathan V.
Business student

We're like a really close-knit community. We all know each other. We come together and truly care. It's not something you find in a bigger college where there are so many people. Here you have the opportunity to get to know everyone personally.

- Cinthia J.
Nursing student

I would tell prospective students to make sure they visit for a day, just so they can see the atmosphere and experience what a day would be like if they attended Aquinas.

- Therese Y.
Aquinas Student