President’s Letter

April 19, 2016

Dear Friends of Aquinas College,

Sister Mary SarahThe first suggestions of spring are appearing on our campus in Nashville: dogwoods, tulips, redbuds and the welcome chatter of robins and mockingbirds are reminders that the winter is almost past and a new season of growth and abundance is underway. The subtle, almost imperceptible transformation of the landscape during this season of transition is a sign of hope; leaf by leaf, blade by blade, petal by petal stretch forth as silent, steady growth suddenly explodes into vibrant activity and color, bustling with new life.

Among the flora and fauna of the campus, signs of human growth are appearing as well: new academic programs are being prepared for the fall; Aquinas College’s physical campus is reflecting more and more the beauty of the worship, teaching, learning, community life and service that happen inside our buildings each day; and the city of Nashville has quickly become a destination city for study, life and work. On another beautiful campus across the Pond, the AquinasAbroad program in Bracciano, Italy is completing its first year of study. It has proved to be a transformative experience for students and faculty alike.

Last but not least, Aquinas College and the Dominican Sisters are in the midst of a jubilee celebration of the 800th anniversary of the Dominican Order. It is a graced time to reflect on the way God grows things across many centuries and the manifestation of His mercy in using many Dominican saints and blesseds to serve the needs and circumstances of their time. Looking to the present, a jubilee anniversary is an opportunity to prepare for new growth, to be open to new possibilities and to the holiness that is needed for our particular age. This spring edition of the Aquinas Magazine chronicles a season of growth and change at the College. As you read through these articles and updates in this issue, we invite you to come to campus to see the exciting changes for yourself, give to Ignite, the Comprehensive Campaign for Aquinas’ future, or connect with us through social media or the web.

In Christ,
Sister Mary Sarah Galbraith, O.P., President of Aquinas College