Students Travel to Italy to Help Found Study Abroad

May 12, 2014

A small group of students left for Italy on the morning of Monday, May 12 bound for the medieval lakeside castle town of Bracciano, about 30 miles northwest of Rome. The College has recently come into possession of a property called the Villaggio Betania. The students are traveling as a pilot group to help with basic renovations and research the opportunities and challenges of the study abroad program. They will also get the opportunity to travel to Rome and other cities in Italy.

Video Recap

Watch this video recap of Aquinas student and study abroad pilot group member Wil Bernhard.

“Aquinas Abroad” Blog

The students will be blogging and posting photos at a website set up for this and all other future study abroad trips. Visit them at

Aquinas Abroad blog screenshot

The Sendoff

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Social Media

In addition to the Aquinas Abroad blog, also follow the students on Twitter and Instagram. If you’re especially savvy on social media, use the hashtag #AquinasAbroad.