Community Spotlight: Bryan Weiss, Parent

January 17, 2017

As with most parents, Bryan and Kathy Weiss were apprehensive about sending their first-born to college hours from their home. But in just a few short hours, they knew their daughter Haylee had made the right decision.

“When we dropped Haylee off on her freshman year move-in day,” Bryan explains, “we left in total peace.”

At the time, Haylee, now a sophomore in the School of Education, had moved in to Seton Lodge on the campus of St. Thomas Hospital adjacent to campus. The residence hall’s hotel-like suites served as the only student residences, with different floors for men and women. Just two weeks after Haylee moved into Seton, Bishop David R. Choby turned the first shovel of dirt on the back part of the Aquinas campus on the site of what would become Siena Hall.

Bryan observed at the hall’s dedication, “It was on paper in March of 2015. And we’re sitting here in the fall of 2016. It went from conception to reality in a little more than a year. That’s a miracle.”

No strangers to planning, Bryan and Kathy Weiss own Marian Financial Partners, a wealth coaching and a Registered Investment Adviser firm located in the greater Indianapolis, Indiana area. Their younger daughter, Allyson, is also considering attending Aquinas.

The Weiss family knows that the real heart of a campus doesn’t come from the bricks and mortar. About this, Bryan said, “Look how happy these people are. Look how happy all these kids are on campus these young men and women. Everyone one of them are happy. That says something in itself and none of this is canned. This is just who they are. There’s a joy that’s inside them that I can’t imagine it’s like this on another campus.”