Dr. Haynes to Teach Tolkien at Murfreesboro Parish

June 03, 2013

Dr. Katherine Haynes, professor of English at Aquinas College, will teach a six-week class entitled The Catholic Imagination of The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien at St. Rose of Lima Parish in Murfreesboro. The class will take place after the 5 p.m. Mass (approximately 6:30 p.m.) every Sunday from June 23–July 28. Anyone is welcome to attend. No registration, viewing of the film, or outside reading is required. See below for the schedule of classes.

Katherine Haynes

Dr. Haynes teaches Dante, Shakespeare, English literature and composition at Aquinas. She received her Master’s of Theological Studies from Emory University and her Ph.D. from Middle Tennessee State University. Recent scholarly papers and presentations include the theological significance of Baconian epistemology in George Herbert’s English lyrics, the role of Mary as the reference point for concrete language in late medieval English mystical texts, and Dante’s historiography. Currently, she is exploring the significance of nonverbal communication in the third cantiche of La Commedia. She is Director of the Aquinas Players and is head of the House of St. Rose of Lima. She is a member of The Shakespeare Association of America, The Dante Society of America, The Medieval Academy, and the MLA.

Schedule of Classes

June 23: Bilbo’s Journey and Tolkien’s Subcreations
June 30: Hospitality Toward Strangers
July 7: Feast and Fast
July 14: Tight Spots, Rough Weather
July 21: The Dragon’s Lair and Trick of the Ring
July 28: The Journey Home: Another Surprise