Dr. Bulzacchelli Publishes New Book

February 15, 2013

Richard Bulzacchelli, S.T.D., assistant professor of theology at Aquinas College, has recently released a new published book entitled “Elohim Created”: A New Look at the First Creation Narrative. The work takes a unique approach to the interpretation of the creation story, viewed in light of Sacred Scripture and tradition but also adhering to the discovered truths of the natural sciences. Patristics luminary Mike Aquilina wrote the forward for the book, which also carries the nihil obstat and imprimatur.

Dr. Bulzacchelli began working at Aquinas College in 2004 and helped develop Aquinas College’s Bachelor of Arts major in Theology. He is a Senior Fellow of the St. Paul Center for Biblical Theology and has also authored Judged by the Law of Freedom: A History of the Faith-Works Controversy, and a Resolution in the Thought of St. Thomas Aquinas (University Press of America, 2006). He received an M.A. in Christian Philosophy from Marquette University, an M.A. in Religious Studies from Providence College, a Licentiate in Sacred Theology from the Dominican House of Studies, and the S.T.D. in theology from the International Marian Research Institute of the University of Dayton.