House Life

The House system at Aquinas College uses the Oxbridge model, an ancient design for university life that has made a comeback in recent years in both private and state universities across the country. The House system incorporates all members of the Aquinas Community—students, faculty, and staff—into one of eight Houses, each being under the patronage of saints who represent a vast array of ages and experiences in the history of the Church.

Each house has a dedicated room in Aquinas College and meets every Thursday during the academic year for a communal lunch. In addition to house lectures and service opportunities, the houses compete in a variety of activities and competitions for the vaunted Cavalier Cup.

Please check the House Life calendar for upcoming events.

The Houses and their Patrons

John Henry Newman

Blessed John Henry Newman

(1801-1890) Cardinal-Deacon, theologian, former Anglican cleric and leader in the Oxford Movement.

House of Blessed John Henry Newman crest

Jordan of Saxony

Blessed Jordan of Saxony

(ca. 1190-1237) Dominican Prior, second Master General of the Dominican Order (after Saint Dominic), Patron of Dominican Vocations.

House of Blessed Jordan crest

Saint Michael

St. Michael the Archangel

Leader of the Army of God in triumph over the forces of evil, Guardian of the Church. Patron of the Jewish people, the sick, police officers, and the military.

House of St. Michael crest

St. Gregory the Great

St. Gregory the Great

(ca. 540-604) Pope, Doctor of the Church, patron of musicians and scholars.

House of St. Gregory crest

Rose of Lima

St. Rose of Lima

(1586-1617) Virgin, Third Order Dominican, and Patroness of Latin America and the Philippines.

House of St. Rose crest

St. Teresa Benedicta of the Cross

St. Teresa Benedicta of the Cross

(1891-1942) Virgin and Martyr, Jewish convert and former atheist, Carmelite nun, and one of six patron saints of Europe.

House of St Teresa Benedicta crest

St. Joan of Arc

St. Joan of Arc

(ca. 1412-1431) Virgin, Martyr, and Patroness of France and of soldiers).

House of St. Joan of Arc crest

St. Therese of Lisieux

St. Thérèse of Lisieux

(1873-1897) Virgin, Doctor of the Church, Carmelite nun, and Patroness of France and of Missions)

House of St. Therese crest

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