Transfer of Credit

Transfer Credit from Other Institutions

All transfer credit is granted at the discretion of the institution. The College reserves the right to reject any course that is contrary to the College’’s Mission. Transfer credit is not considered in the computation of the Aquinas GPA (grade point average). Only courses taken at regionally-accredited institutions (in traditional format or by distance learning) with a minimum grade earned of “C” will be evaluated for transfer credit. Vocational, technical, developmental, and remedial courses will not be considered. The amount of transfer credit accepted will be determined by program directors in accordance with degree requirements of the College. In all programs except the Associate of Science-Nursing (ASN) program, science courses must have been completed within the last ten years to be transferable. In general, to be transferable for the ASN program, all required science courses must have been completed within five years of starting the ASN program. The ten-year limitation of lower-division science courses for the RN to BSN program may be waived if, at the discretion of the program director, the student has been actively involved in the practice of nursing. Once a student starts attending Aquinas College, he must complete all of the coursework required for his degree at Aquinas College. Should special circumstances arise that require a student to take a course(s) at another institution while attending Aquinas, he must obtain a Request for Transfer Credit form from the Dean of the appropriate School to be approved by the Vice President for Academics, providing written confirmation that the credit will be accepted. Failure to obtain such an agreement might prevent the course(s) from being transferred.

Transfer Credit – Extra-Institutional Learning

Aquinas College acknowledges that learning experiences can occur in settings other than traditional classes and thus warrant college-level credit. All credits gained through the following programs are recorded as transfer credit and not considered in the computation of the Aquinas GPA (grade point average). Students may earn up to a maximum of 30 credit hours toward an associate degree (including standardized exams) and 60 hours toward a baccalaureate degree (30 hours maximum through standardized exams).

  • AP (Advanced Placement) – Registrar’s Office maintains a list of accepted exams and course equivalencies. For credit to be awarded, a minimum scaled score of 3 is required on the College Entrance Examination Board’s Advanced Placement tests. Credit awarded is based on ACE (American Council on Education) recommendations. The grade is recorded as “CR” on the student’s transcript.
  • CLEP (College-Level Examination Program) – Registrar’s Office maintains a list of accepted exams and course equivalencies. Generally, a minimum score of 50 is required. Credit awarded is based on ACE (American Council on Education) recommendations. The grade is recorded as “CR” on the student’s transcript.
  • Military Credit – Students being certified to the VA for benefits must submit an official military transcript for evaluation. Credit will be awarded if equivalent to Aquinas course content and necessary for student’s degree. All credit awarded is based on the recommendations of the American Council on Education (ACE) and recorded on the transcript as “CR.”
  • Computer Competency Exam – Aquinas College offers a competency examination for students who believe they have the required knowledge of Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Access to meet the objectives of CPU 115, Introduction to Computers. Students who have taken computer courses above the 100 level are not eligible for the competency examination. Permission to take the test must be obtained from the student’s advisor. Students must pass the examination with a score of 70% or higher to be awarded 3.0 credit hours and a grade of “P.” If student fails to pass the competency exam, it is important that he remember to register for the CPU 115 course as soon as possible. Students should be aware that credit given by Aquinas College for the Computer Competency Exam might not be transferable to other institutions.

Transfer Equivalency List

Tennessee Board of Regents course number Aquinas College course number Aquinas College course title
ARTH2010 FAR211 Art History
ARTH2020 FAR212 Art Appreciation
MUS1030 FAR220 Music History and Appreciation
BIOL1110 BIO111 General Biology I
BIOL1120 BIO112 General Biology II
BIOL2010 BIO211 Anatomy & Physiology I
BIOL2020 BIO212 Anatomy & Physiology II
BIOL2230 BIO220 Microbiology
CHEM1030 CHE200 Chemical Science
INFS1010 CPU115 Introduction to Computers
ECON2010 ECO221 Macroeconomics
ECON2020 ECO220 Microeconomics
ENGL1010 ENG111 English Composition I
ENGL1020 ENG112 English Composition II
ENGL2210 ENG213 English Literature I
ENGL2220 ENG214 English Literature II
SPCH1112 ENG110 Speech
NOTE regarding American Literature: the Tennessee Board of Regents schools have a two-semester sequence of American Literature; Aquinas College only has the one semester course. Therefore, there can be no strict equivalency for the Aquinas ENG215 American Literature course.
FREN1010 FRE111 Elementary French I
FREN1020 FRE112 Elementary French II
FREN2010 FRE213 Intermediate French I
FREN2020 FRE214 Intermediate French II
SPAN1010 SPA111 Elementary Spanish I
SPAN1020 SPA112 Elementary Spanish II
SPAN2010 SPA213 Intermediate Spanish I
SPAN2020 SPA214 Intermediate Spanish II
HIST1110 HIS111 Western Civilization I
HIST1120 HIS112 Western Civilization II
HIST2010 HIS201 United States History I
HIST2020 HIS202 United States History II
HIST2030 HIS311 Tennessee History
MATH1130 MAT121 College Algebra
MATH1530 MAT210 Statistics I