Update Information

Change of Address/Phone Number

Updated information is essential for all Aquinas College mailings and any emergencies. Changes should be made in writing. You may:

  • Send a letter to the Office of the Registrar requesting a change.
  • Come to the Office of the Registrar in person (first floor of the Aquinas College main building) and complete the Change of Address Form.
  • Fill out the Change of Address Form at the bottom of this page.
  • Send an email through your Aquinas College email to registrar@aquinascollege.edu.

Note: Address/phone number changes are made campus wide through the Office of the Registrar only. Making a change in any other department will not guarantee all records have been changed.

Change of Name

To have your name changed in the system, legal authorization is necessary. Bring to the Office of the Registrar one of the following: (Drivers License/Social Security card are not acceptable)

  • Court Order
  • Marriage Certificate
  • Birth Certificate
  • Divorce Decree

A copy will be made, placed in your permanent file, and the change completed.

Note: Name changes are made campus wide through the Office of the Registrar only. Making a change in any other department will not guarantee all records have been changed. 

Change of Address Form

Change of Address

Use this form to update your address in your Aquinas College records. You will receive an email notification after you complete the form.
  • Enter the date that your change of address will be effective.
  • Please enter your new address.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

Aquinas has made me more aware of callings—a part of the whole person is that everyone has a calling, that everyone is unique and irreplaceable.

- Ana T.

The people are great. It's like more of a family than just a college.

- Troy B.

I just like the rich Catholic environment here. You pray before class and before meals. There's a sense of community.

- Troy B.

What I appreciate most about student life at Aquinas is the close-knit community in the dorms. It is supportive, academically focused and faith-rooted – and that doesn’t happen just anywhere.

- Gregory S.

That first week of getting to know each other and having the camp Marymount experience, you felt instantly in place.

- Ana T.

The residential community creates an environment of peace, love, caring, and tight bonds.

- Gregory S.

My time in Italy was a constant encounter with God through beauty, a beauty found in the landscape, the architecture, the art, the people (the Italians and my classmates and the saints), and in the opportunity to slow down and soak it all in.

- Beth

What surprised me the most about Aquinas was the Catholic tradition and how everybody practices it at that level. I'd never seen anything like it, even as a cradle Catholic. It was a whole new thing compared how I'd always practiced.

- Jonathan V.

I've ever had a sister as a teacher. It breaks downs stereotypes and misconceptions about being taught by a sister. They are lovely and intelligent and a reminder of the love that God has for us. They take such a sacrifice but there is such joy in that, and it reminds you that to live for others is the love that this world needs more of.

- Ana T.

"It is awesome that Aquinas is in Nashville."

- Mary F.

Aquinas makes you attentive to the different ways that God leads us to a vocation.

- Ana T.

The house lunches are a huge sense of community, and we genuinely talk to each other regardless of age, station, or ties into the school environment. I think the religious tradition has a lot to do with that.

- Troy B.

"I wanted a strong Catholic college with a great Business program. I found them both at Aquinas."

- Scott A.

You go to house lunches and it's not just students, it's faculty and administrators eating together, so you get to know them on a personal level. It's like a family dinner.

- Troy B.

"I was attracted to Aquinas because it taught the Catholic Faith and had a good nursing program."

- Mary F.

For me, my abroad experience was a time to build my relationship with God without the distractions of home life, while keeping in mind that home life is where I am to bring my newfound gifts back.

- Tyler

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