Why study Philosophy?

Traditionally, philosophy is defined as rational inquiry into first causes and first principles; it considers comprehensive explanations and the most basic truths presupposed by every form of human knowing. For example, philosophers seek to understand reason, logic, truth, nature, life, being, goodness, and the human person, among many other topics. The philosophy major at Aquinas College gives students the opportunity to pursue this discipline in an intellectually rigorous program inspired by the insights and method of St. Thomas Aquinas.


Upon completion of the program, the Philosophy graduate will be able to:

  • Identify and evaluate arguments used in academic and popular discussions;
  • Identify and discuss major figures and movements in the history of philosophy;
  • Construct cogent philosophical arguments;
  • Perform scholarly research within the domain of philosophy.


                                      Please note that we are not currently admitting a cohort to this program.                                          However, philosophy courses are available. 


For an overview of the program of study, click on BACHELOR OF ARTS IN PHILOSOPHY



Meet the Faculty

Sister Elinor Gardner, O.P.
Associate Professor of Philosophy
Ph.D. Boston College
B.A. Saint Anselm College
(615) 297-7545 x468

Sister Elinor is a member of the Dominican Sisters of Saint Cecilia Congregation. She holds a Doctorate in Philosophy from Boston College. Her doctoral work was on the moral and political philosophy of St. Thomas Aquinas, with a dissertation titled, “St. Thomas Aquinas on Capital Punishment.” She has taught a broad range of undergraduate Philosophy courses at Aquinas College, as well as at The Catholic University of America and the University of Dallas. Her writing and research is focused on ethics and philosophical anthropology.