Value of a Liberal Arts Degree

  1. What advantages do studies in the liberal arts offer?

The Bachelor of Arts degree format develops essential skills required of many professions today, such as effective communication, analytical ability, ethical standards, and critical thinking abilities. These skills provide graduates the adaptability and flexibility to handle the one known constant in life – change. As future leaders and problem solvers, Bachelor of Arts graduates will develop the tools necessary to view all aspects (spiritual, social, ethical) of any situation, enabling them to make sound decisions, not only in their professional lives, but in their personal lives as well.

  1. What will I be able to do once I graduate with a liberal arts degree?

Should a student be so inclined, the Bachelor of Arts degree will also serve as an excellent foundation for additional educational endeavors, especially at the graduate level. Examples of immediate applications would be graduate work in many of the liberal arts disciplines (such as History, Theology, Philosophy or Literature) or in professional degrees, such as law.