Office of Institutional Research

The Office of Institutional Research provides complete and accurate data in a timely manner as required by various units and educational programs of the College for the purpose of making sound decisions about the quality of services and educational programs. The Office of Institutional Research also conducts various surveys and responds to survey requests from governmental agencies as well as other, select organizations.

Institutional Effectiveness

The extent to which the College is accomplishing its mission is determined primarily by metrics utilized to ascertain achievement of its goals. The goals of Aquinas College are listed below, with each one linked to annually updated data tables, outcomes measures and analyses that provide indicators of success and suggest future strategies for improvement.

(It will be noted that Aquinas College Goals #1 and #2 utilize metrics associated with student achievement to determine the extent to which they have been accomplished.)

Aquinas College Goals

The following goals of Aquinas College represent its commitment to student achievement and formation, operational efficacy and mission promotion through community engagement:

  1. Provide academic programs in teacher education and the liberal arts and sciences that cultivate life-long intellectual virtue, prepare graduates professionally, and promote Christian principles in the application of studies;
  2. Provide academic support that facilitates progress, complements and completes academic inquiry, and encourages achievement;
  3. Cultivate a student experience directed toward the formation of the whole person in virtue, wisdom, maturity, wellness, and Christian friendship through social, spiritual, and academic activities;
  4. Provide opportunities to engage with the local community, especially those related to cultural and intellectual interests, continuing education, catechetics, and Faith formation and practice;
  5. Steward the gifts and resource entrusted to the College to benefit students, faculty, and staff; and
  6. Sustain the College by promoting its mission and providing for its temporal needs.



Dr. William Smart
Associate Provost and Director of Institutional Research
(615) 297-7545 ext. 478
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