Award Packages

The Office of Financial Aid is committed to providing students with financial aid opportunities to help make an Aquinas College education affordable.  Contact the Office of Financial Aid with any questions regarding financial aid, scholarships, or outside financial assistance.

All initial award packages are based on full-time enrollment (12 or more credit hours per semester); however, amounts may decrease due to less than full-time enrollment.

Students must inform the Office of Financial Aid immediately upon receipt of outside scholarships, grants, or loans to ensure that their financial aid packages reflect such outside assistance properly.

Students that receive financial aid must adhere to satisfactory academic progress (SAP) requirements (as outlined in the Aquinas College catalog) to maintain eligibility for financial assistance.  If a student is unable to maintain these standards, he or she will be put on a one-semester academic probation to provide an opportunity for the student to improve his or her academic performance.  If the student does not improve, the Office of Financial Aid must suspend that student’s financial aid until he or she is able to comply with SAP requirements.

Withdrawing from courses or the college at any point in a semester may have repercussions toward financial aid eligibility.  Students must meet with the Office of Financial Aid prior to withdrawal.