Aquinas College Hosts Institute for Catholic Liberal Education Seminar

September 09, 2021

On June 21st – 25th Aquinas College hosted the Institute for Catholic Liberal Education (ICLE)’s “Spirit and Craft of Teaching in the Catholic Liberal Arts Tradition” Workshop. With over 30 participants from schools across the United States, this workshop provided a hands on program that immersed teachers in the theory and practice of liberal arts teaching.  Sister Elizabeth Anne, O.P., the Director of the Center for Catholic Education at Aquinas College, guided participants through the riches of the Church’s documents on education, and Sister Matthew Marie, O.P., Professor in the School of Education, presented the fundamentals of virtuous classroom management.  Aquinas staff welcomed the participants to Siena Hall and provided the accommodations and hospitality for the week-long seminar. 

“Our 2021 Spirit and Craft of Teaching in the Catholic Liberal Arts Tradition program was our best one ever—and there is no doubt that your TLC to our staff and guests were a major factor in the overall experience. You and your team have a beautiful charism of hospitality that created a joyful atmosphere. The Masses, the facilities, the food, and the newfound friendships among the Sisters and staff made for an unforgettable week. We look forward to many future events with you!”  – Elisabeth Sullivan, Executive Director, Institute for Catholic Liberal Education


Sr. Matthew Marie O.P. presents on classroom management in Siena Hall.


Sr. Elizabeth Anne O.P. visits with participants during the Spirit and Craft workshop.