Formation Workshops for Catholic School Educators

Formation Workshops for Catholic School Educators provide an opportunity for Catholic school teachers and leaders to step back from the busyness of everyday life and be immersed in a common experience of learning, prayer, and joyful community.


Workshop sessions seek to develop each participant’s

  • relationship with Christ and
  • awareness of his or her vocation and mission as a Catholic school educator

The daily schedule is punctuated with opportunities for prayer and for deepening bonds of friendship between educators. A highlight for participants is visiting the Motherhouse of the Dominican Sisters of St. Cecilia and joining the sisters for the Liturgy of the Hours and Mass. Educators also observe classes at Overbrook School and St. Cecilia Academy on The Dominican Campus.


Aquinas College seeks to partner with your school or diocese to customize a formation workshop for you. Contact Aquinas College at


Most Rev. J. Michael Miller, CSB
Archbishop of Vancouver

The Formation Workshops for Educators in Catholic Schools offered by Aquinas College have been a source of great blessing for teachers in the Archdiocese of Vancouver. Those who participate return with a revitalized personal relationship with the Lord, which, in turn, rekindles their passion for communicating the faith to their students no matter what subject they teach.

The purpose of a Catholic school is to prepare our young people to live out their faith in the world, not merely filled up with knowledge about the Catholic faith, but also having truly encountered Jesus Christ in a transformative way. Teachers, then, have the awesome responsibility to model and to facilitate this life-changing experience in their students. This is what the Aquinas College Formation Workshops for Educators in Catholic Schools do: they equip our teachers with the tools needed to fulfill their vocation and mission by giving them opportunities to deepen their own lives of faith.

I wholeheartedly endorse the Aquinas College Formation Workshops for Educators in Catholic Schools. It is my hope that all the Catholic teachers in the Archdiocese of Vancouver will have the chance to take part in these workshops. Bishops, school administrators, and teachers who are looking for meaningful formation opportunities for Catholic educators are encouraged to give serious consideration to this dynamic offering from Aquinas College.

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