Congratulations Graduates of 2021

May 27, 2021

Aquinas College announces the Class of 2021. Our prayers and support are with all our graduates as they pass this educational milestone. You, our most recent alumni, are sent to witness! May God be with you. 

Sister Jane Karol Ashour, O.P., ’21 – M.A.T. (Secondary)

Sister Isabelle Marie Assirati, O.P., ’21 – MA.T. (Elementary)

Sister Rachel Marie Boyd, O.P., ’21 – M.A.T. (Secondary)

Sister Sofia Thomas Coulter, O.P., ’21 – M.A.T. (Secondary)

Alison Marie Oddo Derner, ’21 – M.A.T. (Elementary)

Sister Mary Laura Hebert, O.P., ’21 – M.A.T. (Secondary)

Sister Felicity Heither, O.P., ’21 – M.A.T. (Secondary)

Patrick  Desmond McMahon, ’21 – B.A. History

Sister Maria Lucia Rosenhoover, O.P., ’21 – B.S. Interdisciplinary Studies

Sister Anna Joy Tipton, O.P., ’21 – M.A.T. (Elementary)

Photo: Classes of 2020 and 2021 at the Commencement Ceremony May 12, 2021, St. Ann Catholic Church, Nashville. Photo by Harris and Hilliard Photography.