Signup, Logistics, and Security

Sign Up

To sign in or to make a weekly commitment, please visit:


  • The chapel is handicapped accessible.
  • Security is present on campus during hours of Adoration.
  • In case of an emergency, a direct cell number to Campus Security will be issued to each adorer.
  • The chapel has a security code for entering.
  • It would be helpful to have a cell phone with you, but there is a land line in the back of the chapel.
  • A reserved parking area is adjacent to the chapel. Handicapped parking is also available.
  • Please be sure to secure the outside door when entering and leaving the chapel.


  • If you bring young children with you, please maintain a prayerful silence in the chapel.
  • There is a handicapped accessible restroom in the back of the chapel.

Other Thoughts

It is our preference to have two or more persons commit to each hour. In order to expedite and organize our adorers we will be using an electronic program titled “Adoration Pro.” The link is: On the Adoration Pro page, you will see two components: reading left to right “Adorer Sign-in” and “Weekly Commitment.” “Weekly Commitment” refers to your hour commitment each week; “Adorer Sign-in” is used when you sign-in for your chosen hour. You may have access to both by your phone or by using the Kiosk when you enter the adoration chapel. Our posters displayed in churches throughout the city have QR codes and when scanned with your phone will take you directly to “Adoration Pro” and to a “More Information” sheet. “Adorer Sign-in” is to be used for check in at your assigned time and not before your adoration time.

Holy Hour materials for reading, rosaries, etc., will be provided. You may bring your own readings or Bible. For more information about the practice of Eucharistic Adoration, please visit the Adoration Catechesis page.

It is essential that you remain the whole hour. In case of a personal emergency and you are alone in the chapel, please close the pocket doors in front of the monstrance before leaving. If you are leaving someone alone in the chapel, please be sure he/she is aware that you will no longer be present.

If a replacement does not arrive at the end of your hour, please close the pocket doors in front of the monstrance before you leave the chapel and secure the outside door as you leave.

If you arrive and the pocket doors are closed in front of the monstrance, please slide open the doors and leave them open, provided someone comes to replace you.

Again, please use the link below to sign up for a weekly time slot. Your identity is secure.

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