Change of Schedule

Drop, Add, Withdraw (DAW) all begin with your advisor. Your advisor must complete a Change of Schedule form, which must then be approved by the Office of Financial Aid. The form is then brought to the Office of the Registrar to be processed.

The following guidelines are for traditional classes for the Fall and Spring semesters. Guidelines for accelerated and summer classes can be found in the Aquinas College catalog.

Week 1 Drop/Add 100% Refund
Weeks 2-8 Withdraw with No Penalty (“W” on transcript, does not Affect GPA) 80% Refund 2nd Week 50% Refund 3rd Week 25% Refund 4th Week
Week 9 2 wks before final exams —
Withdraw with Academic Penalty (WP/WF on transcript, WF affects transcript)

Refund and Withdrawal Dates

Fall 2020