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What is an atelier?

Posted on Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Designed to be offered once or twice a semester, an Atelier is not a lecture by a faculty member, but a pedagogical instruction on how to research, study, and prepare a specific text, artwork, or musical selection from the Catholic Liberal Arts Tradition.

An Atelier session demonstrates for pre-service teachers at Aquinas how to make the artefact accessible for secondary or elementary students.

Atelier: at-el-ier, French, workshop or studio

The topic of the first Atelier session held November 4 was “How to Read the Bourges Cathedral’s Good Samaritan Window.” Those in attendance learned how to “read” the 22 separate images that connect four Scripture narratives from the Old Testament and New Testament in the Bourges window. These narratives reveal the doctrines of Creation, Original Sin, and Redemption.

Sister Thomas More Stepnowski, O.P., Ph.D., provost and vice president for Academics, led the session.

The Aquinas College philosophy of education states, “Having themselves been formed in the contemplation of Truth and Charity, our graduates are then sent forth to share the fruits of their contemplation through teaching and the witness of their lives.”

Image: Good Samaritan Window, Bourges Cathedral, ca. 1250. Hervé Champollion / akg-images

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