Audit a Course

Why Audit a Course?

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Auditing a college course allows one to embark on the adventure of learning for the sake of learning.  Students auditing a course do not receive a grade and assignments are optional. Aquinas College is offering eight different courses in the 2022 spring semester in the areas of English, History, Mathematics, Philosophy, and Theology. You can pursue your interest to learn new and exciting subject matter by auditing an Aquinas College course.

Applicants Seeking to Audit a Course:

Audited classes carry no academic credit but are recorded on the student’s transcript with “AU.” Application fee is waived for auditing students. Complete terms of enrollment as an audit student are given in the application.

To Register for an Audit Course:
Visit the Aquinas College website at

Scroll down to “Applicants Seeking to Audit a Course” and follow instructions.

Audit Fee …. $325 per course

Refund Policy
Refunds for fees are available through January 11, 2022. Following that date, fees become non-refundable.

Forms and Payments are due by January 5, 2022