Tuition & Fees

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2017-2018 Tuition & Fees


Undergraduate Tuition (1–11 hours) $830 per credit hour
Undergraduate Tuition (12–18 hours) $11,250 per semester

$22,500 per year

Undergraduate Tuition (over 18 hours) $11,250 per semester

$22,500 per year

+ $830 per credit hour

Graduate Tuition $840 per credit hour


Application Fee Free
General Fee (per semester, refundable) $100
Undergraduate Audit Fee (per course; computer courses may not be audited) $275
Graduate Audit Fee (per course) $500
Graduation fee (non-refundable) $125
Science Laboratory Fee $55

School of Education

Enhanced Student Teaching Fee (per credit hour) $50
Student Liability Insurance (per semester) $50