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Main Directory

Sister Elizabeth Anne Allen, O.P., Ed.D. Director of the Center for Catholic Education Associate Professor of Education (615) 297-7545 x471
Andrew Atwood Chief of Campus Security (615) 297-7545 x451
Sister Terese Auer, O.P., Ph.D. Director, Student Learning Services Lecturer in Philosophy
Sister Dominica Bickerton, O.P. Lecturer in TheologyArts & Sciences
Mandy Broderick Siena Hall Coordinator (615) 516-8998
Kari Byard Assistant to the Vice President for Academics Lecturer in Information Systems (615) 297-7545 x449
Sister Mary Rachel Capets, O.P., Ph.D. Director of Pilgrimage Programs (615) 297-7545
Reverend Mark A. Chrismer Lecturer in Theology
Sister Mary Davyd Deerwester, O.P. Receptionist (615) 297-7545 x421
Elizabeth R. Donlon, Ed.D. Assistant Professor of Education (615) 297-7545 x403
Sister Mary Diana Dreger, O.P., M.D. Lecturer in Interdisciplinary Studies
Sister Thomas Aquinas Halbmaier, O.P. Lecturer in Philosophy
Sister Mary Justin Haltom, O.P., Ed.D. Lecturer in Education
Katherine V. Haynes, Ph.D. Communications Writer
Father Andrew Hofer, O.P. Lecturer in Theology Arts & Sciences
Sister Mary Thomas Huffman, O.P. Lecturer in Education
Sister Mary Edith Humphries, O.P.,, Ph.D. Vice President for Academics Assistant Professor of English (615) 297-7545 x438
Sister Gianna Junker, O.P. Registrar Director of Admissions (615) 297-7545 x432
Heather H. Kemp Lecturer in Spanish
Sister John Catherine Kennedy, O.P., Ph.D. Lecturer in History
Sister Jane Dominic Laurel, O.P., S.T.D. Associate Professor of Theology (615) 297-7545 x263
Margaret Ledet Assistant to the President (615) 297-7545 x423
M. Annette Little, Ph.D. Lecturer in Education
Linda Moore Administrative Assistant to the School of Education (615) 297-7545 x422
Sister Mary Angelica Neenan, O.P.,, S.T.D. Lecturer, Theology Arts & Sciences
Beth Neilsen Advancement Assistant (615) 297-7545 x608
Cynthia Piana Student Accounts Manager (615) 297-7545 x257
Sister Elena Marie Piteo, O.P., Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Psychology Director of Education in Communion (615) 297-7545 x398
Sister Nicholas Marie Polkowska, O.P., Ph.D. Lecturer in Mathematics
Sister Mary Esther Potts, O.P. Librarian Lecturer in Catechetics and English (615) 297-7545 x474
Vincent Ryan, Ph.D. Associate Professor of History Director of Student Affairs (615) 297-7545 x443
Sister Marie Hannah Seiler, O.P. Dean of the School of Education (615) 297-7545 x282
William C. Smart, Ph.D. Vice President for Institutional Effectiveness Associate Professor of Biological Sciences (615) 297-7545 x478
Sister Mary Madeline Todd,, O.P., S.T.D. Lecturer, TheologyArts & Sciences
Jacque Trailov Event Coordinator (615) 297-7545 x469
Sister Cecilia Anne Wanner, O.P., Ph.D. President Director of Advancement (615) 297-7545 x424
Sister Jean Marie Warner, O.P. Lecturer in History and Philosophy (615) 297-7545 x373
Sister Anna Wray, O.P., Ph.D. Lecturer in Philosophy
Sister Gabriella Yi, O.P., S.T.D. Assistant Professor of Theology (615) 297-7545 x402

Aquinas College welcomes all students regardless of race, color, ethnicity, or national origin who desire to be part of the faith-based mission of the College to all the rights, privileges, programs and activities generally accorded or made available to students at the College. It does not discriminate based on race, color, ethnicity, or national origin in administration of its education policies, admission policies, scholarships and loan programs.

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