Endowment FAQ

What is an endowment?

An endowment is funds set aside permanently so that only a portion of the earnings is used on an annual basis. An endowed gift is one in which the original principal in never touched, only a small percentage of the earnings are used for annual operating expenses or for the purpose the donor has specified, such as scholarships.

How does a stronger endowment help Aquinas College?

An endowment links past, current and future generations by supporting and furthering Aquinas College’s educational mission. A strong endowment provides financial stability for Aquinas College and helps us provide scholarships and financial aid to students who could otherwise not afford an education.

Who oversees the endowment?

The Dominican Campus Investment Committee oversees the invested endowed funds.

Can a gift be designated to a specific fund or scholarship?

Yes. Aquinas College encourages and welcomes scholarship opportunities for its students. An individual, group or organization may establish a new scholarship named for the donor or in honor or memory of a person. The name specified by the donor will remain associated with an endowed scholarship or fund in perpetuity.

How can I establish an endowed scholarship?

Persons interested in establishing a named endowed fund/scholarship are encouraged to consult with the Development Office prior to making the gift so that the donor’s intentions are appropriately established in writing. Discussion of any named endowed fund/scholarship agreement on behalf of Aquinas College shall be done with the knowledge, consent and signature of the College president.

In designating a gift to the endowment for a specific purpose, the donor is encouraged:

  1. to describe the purpose for the gift as broadly as possible;
  2. to avoid detailed limitations and restrictions on the gift and/or scholarship;
  3. to provide a clause granting the institution maximum flexibility to make use of designated funds in a manner most consistent with the intent of the donor and with the interests of the College should programmatic or other developments make it impossible to apply the endowment proceeds to the purpose for which it was designated originally.

A donor may create a full tuition scholarship with a minimum commitment of $350,000 for Aquinas College. This amount will be payable in full or at least an initial gift of $50,000. The awarding of the scholarship will not commence until the minimum commitment has been completed.

A donor may create a scholarship fund to provide tuition assistance for students with a minimum commitment of $25,000. This amount will be payable by the donor in full or at least $5,000 initially. The awarding of a scholarship will not commence until the minimum commitment has been completed.

For more information about creating a scholarship fund, please contact the Office of Institutional Advancement at (615) 297-7545.

What endowed scholarships do we currently have at Aquinas College?

Aquinas College currently has over twenty different endowed scholarships. For a listing of the endowed scholarships and a description of each, please click here.

Can I make a gift to an existing scholarship fund?

Yes. Please visit our list of endowed scholarships.