The Mission of Aquinas College is unchanging because Truth itself is unchanging. Taking inspiration from St. Dominic and St. Thomas Aquinas, the College exists to serve the Church by transforming lives for the Gospel of Christ.

Aquinas College is a Catholic community of learning in the Dominican Tradition with Christ at its center. The College directs all its efforts to the intellectual, moral, spiritual, and professional formation of the human person in wisdom. Students are formed individually and in Christian community so that the harmonious integration between faith and reason can permeate every dimension of their lives. Immersed in exploring the relationship between human civilization and the message of salvation, the College community embraces the Dominican imperative to preach the Gospel, serve others, and engage culture in truth and charity.

Core Principles

Derived from the Catholic and Dominican moral and intellectual tradition, our core principles are:

  • The dignity, freedom, and flourishing of every human person as made in God’s image
  • The complementarity of faith and reason as the basis for academic community
  • The prudent stewardship of God’s individual and communal gifts
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