Arts & Sciences Programs

Programs of Study

Aquinas College currently offers a Bachelor of Arts, a four-year degree that reflects the rich heritage of the Catholic academic tradition and affirms the universality of Truth. For each degree, the faculty of Arts & Sciences emphasize the profound relationships that exist among all forms of knowledge through carefully integrated curricula.

The Bachelor of Arts Degree

The Bachelor of Arts degree has three components:

  • the Bachelor of Arts core
  • the Major area of study
  • a Minor area of study

The Bachelor of Arts Core

Rich and cultivating, the Bachelor of Arts core is designed to give students a breadth of experience in the liberal arts as well as prepare them for the upper-level coursework required of the Major and Minor Areas of Study.

Bachelor of Arts Majors

The Bachelor of Arts core curriculum serves as a broad foundation for the more focused studies undertaken for majors and minors. Majors available within the Bachelor of Arts degree include:

All students intending to complete the Bachelor of Arts degree must complete a major. In addition, coursework intended to satisfy the major requirements must be completed with a grade of ‘C’ or higher. Finally, 12 hours for the major must be at the 400 level.


Minors are currently available in Theology, Philosophy, English, and History.