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INSIGHT: The First Catholic Social Emotional Learning Program for K-12 Catholic School Educators

Posted on Thursday, August 4, 2022

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INSIGHT, the first Catholic Social Emotional Learning Program for K-12 Catholic School Educators, will be available for FREE download starting in early August.

Aquinas College and the Institute for the Transformation of Catholic Education at The Catholic University of America have collaborated in the production on Insight, the first Social and Emotional Learning professional development program designed for K-12 Catholic school educators.

Rooted in the Catholic intellectual tradition, Insight is a 10-part video series that discusses formation in self-knowledge, interpersonal relationships, and virtue. The basis of this program is that it recognizes the dignity of the human person who is made in the image and likeness of God. This program addresses the following key components: human nature and dignity, the role of the emotions in Christian flourishing, the rational powers of intellect and will, learning from mistakes, recognizing and responding to anxiety, building trusting teacher-student relationships, cultivating trusting relationships between peers, and the virtues. The idea of Insight came from “Education in Communion” a framework for teacher formation developed at Aquinas College in 2020. This program has shown remarkable results in forming teachers to be attuned to the social and emotional needs of their students.

Though the term “Social and Emotional Learning” is commonly referenced in mainstream culture, Insight draws upon key modern psychological and educational principles and integrates these with the sound principles of Catholic theology and philosophy. This program is distinctive in helping educators to understand how both faith and reason are necessary in coming to a more holistic understanding of human nature and dignity. By drawing upon the principles of St. Thomas Aquinas to Insight’s lessons, Catholic school educators will be formed so that they can better guide their students in seeking Christ, who will transform them through His grace and help them come to true human flourishing.

The Insight program, which will be available for download free of charge in early August, includes ten brief video lessons, a Discussion Guide, and a Prayer Companion featuring sacred art and scripture. It may be used in monthly faculty meetings, in small groups, or for private study. Materials can be accessed at Aquinas College is a private, Catholic, four-year liberal arts college founded in 1961, owned and operated by the Dominican Sisters of St. Cecilia Congregation in Nashville, Tennessee. Offering undergraduate and graduate degrees in education and the arts and sciences, Aquinas College is a leader in the formation of educators who are sent forth to teach, preach, and witness to Truth and Charity for the salvation of souls and the transformation of culture.

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