Center for Catholic Education

The Center for Catholic Education, in conjunction with the Aquinas College School of Education, serves Catholic elementary and secondary schools by providing spiritual and professional formation opportunities in the area of mission and Catholic identity. These may be given for faculty and staff members of individual schools or on a diocesan level. Sessions for those engaged in school leadership as well as presentations for parents are also available. Some of the topics listed are also suitable for either retreat or in-service formats.

We collaborate with the principals and/or superintendents to customize formation sessions by grouping topics in order to meet needs of content or length of sessions.

If you have a need or interest that is not included in this list, please, feel free to suggest it to us at or call Sister Elizabeth Anne Allen, O.P. at (615) 297-7545 x471.

Center for Catholic Education group shot Topics for Presentations
The topics listed on this page are examples of those which have been presented through the Aquinas College Center for Catholic Education.
St. Peter's Sr. Mary Christopher Links to Church Documents
Recent Church documents on Catholic education may be directly accessed on this page. Also included are links to other websites of interest and to beneficial resources.
Sr Elizabeth Anne by Jeanne Marie Liggio Resources for Catholic Identity
The resources presented on this page have been developed by the Aquinas College Center for Catholic Education and may be reproduced for use by those involved in or interested in Catholic education.
Classroom Matthew Guinan Themes in Church Documents on Education
There are many educational themes which are common to multiple Church documents. Clicking on the theme gives access to more than reference on that particular topic.

Center for Catholic Education
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